EMC's Acquisition of Data Domain

Market Spotlight Report: "Bucking the Trend –Secrets to a Successful Strategic Acquisition"
To fatigued investors, bankers and analysts, we offer this cure for the recession hangover: a multi-billion dollar return to EMC investors over the next 5 years, based solely on the success of the Data Domain acquisition.
Our view on the Data Domain transaction, based on our financial analysis and discussions with industry sources, concludes that the Data Domain acquisition is a runaway success that offers 3 important lessons for tech M&A. First, that the most successful acquisitions are either market-cycle agnostic or counter-cyclical; second, that they are driven by a highly focused investment thesis (which, not trivially, needs to be sound); and third, that execution and integration are the most important ingredients for success.

quotesOur best decision was to look for an investment banker and we think we got the bank right. We feel that we created the most efficient and experienced team with Corum. We really felt like we had a corporate development team inside the company, and they helped us cover a lot of ground very quickly. quotes

Javier Medina-Mora